Beach boys
by Sasha Olsen


240 Pages
93 models
Size: 300 mm x 230 mm (Portrait)
Limited edition

Sasha Olsen’s debut book, “Beach Boys,” embarks on a global journey across five continents spanning three years of world exploration.

Olsen captures the essence of over sixty international models against stunning backdrops, seamlessly blending beach landscapes with male beauty.

The book celebrates moments of contemplation, friendship, and the joy of being in nature, symbolising freedom and authenticity through nudity and reflecting Olsen’s profound connection to the sea.

Each model becomes a storyteller, contributing to an atmosphere where charm, grace, and humour harmonise with the beauty of nature.

This book invites readers to cherish life’s fragments, offering a sensory experience through storytelling, textures, and captivating visuals.


  • Micah Plath at Wilhelmina LA (front cover)
  • Adriano Romanini at CREW Model Management
  • Alvaro Campeão at Onway Models
  • Alex Klose at Modelwerk
  • Andreas Beel at L’Agence
  • Art Belenov
  • Ben Miller
  • Brandon Rowland at Next Models
  • Carlos Arrieta at Fashion Model Management
  • Carlos Bottcher at Actors Connection Agency
  • Christian Hogue at DT Model Management
  • Corey Lee at Kult Models
  • Damian Baugh at Wilhelmina Denver
  • David Bodas at Balistarz
  • Deston Dauncey at Twenty Management
  • Didi Mobolaji at Fanjam Model Management
  • Diogo Afonso at Onway Models
  • Elson Cruz at Central Models
  • Felix Reuther at Angels & Demons Model Management
  • Franz Seckel
  • Gabriele Mocini at Fashion Model Management
  • Geoffrey Camus at Run Model Management
  • Gio Piantelli at Fashion Model Management
  • Giorgio Ramondetta at Special Management
  • Giove Taioli at Guys Mgmt
  • Gregorio Gazzaneo
  • Guilhaume Cabano at Fanjam Model Management
  • Guilherme Ripper at Central Models
  • Hanno Swanepoel
  • Hunter Rowland at Next Models
  • Ian Calvo
  • Ilya Ryzhy
  • Jacques Cohen at Ivet Models Management
  • Jábel Balbuena at Mad Models
  • Jesus Perez at Sight Management Studio
  • Joel Conceição at L’Agence
  • John Zunda at Boom Models
  • Jona Gloss at Homme Model Mgmt
  • Josh Elton
  • Joshua Mckirby
  • Joshua Roller at L’Agence
  • Justin Petzschke at Kult Models
  • Karl Kugelmann at Fanjam Model Management
  • Kadin Hunter at Ice Models
  • Kyrill Dzemchanka
  • Lee Anderson at Ice Models
  • Leon Valentin
  • Liam Henry
  • Lochie Carey
  • Louis Nichols
  • Luca Bold at Ice Models
  • Luca Heubl at Kult Models
  • Lucas Ogutu at Twenty Management
  • Marcel Kötter at Le Management
  • Marko Maria Maffei at Fashion Model Management
  • Mario Adrion
  • Marian Rey at Vivien’s Model Management
  • Matej Zich at Five Twenty Model Management
  • Matteo-Andrea Polini at Fashion Model Management
  • Michael Samperi at Tank Agency
  • Mitchell Wick at DT Model Management
  • Nichita Zubco at Onway Models
  • Nick Van Calck
  • Oliver Baggerman at Uno Models
  • Oliver Jacobs at Fanjam Model Management
  • Owen Lindberg at Next Models Miami
  • Patricio Manzotti at Next Models Miami
  • Paul Ferrari at Fashion Model Management
  • Paul Hupfer at Kult Models
  • Petr Pak
  • Pivot Aurel at Twenty Management
  • Quentin Esseiva at Onway Models
  • Raphael Valentin at Central Models
  • Rhys Sherlock at Greg Tyshing Management
  • Riccardo Giordano Buono at Tank Agency
  • Saul Braco at HRN Management
  • Sean Black at Boss Models
  • Sean Ford
  • Sebastian Thrane at Onway Models
  • Sebastian Simmons at Boss Models
  • Sebastian Wahlers
  • Sergei Adonis at Boss Models
  • Sergio Perdomo at D’ Management Group
  • Simon Hammenstrand at Stockholmsgruppen Models
  • Stanislav Miagchilo
  • Stephan Alidu at Onway Models
  • Steve Swish at Gemini Projects
  • Theriodopiolus Coetzer at The Circle Models
  • Thierry Lecomte at Metropolitan Models
  • Tommy Pearce
  • Victor Sion at Boss Models
  • William Eveleigh at Boss Models
  • Yago Taboas Rivas
Beach boys cover